Aveline Rousseau

30 August

Born in Toulon, France in 1972. I lost both parents (Audric and Mala) to a Death Eater attack in 1979 and moved to England with my Uncle Luc and Aunt Volette soon after. I received my invitation to Hogwarts in 1983 and left for Auror Training in 1990 and qualified as an Auror in the summer of 1993. Promoted to Section Lead in 1999 and then Auror Supervisor in 2000.

Part Veela (my grandmother on my father's side was half Veela) and I am currently a member of the French Wizarding Clan that pledges their allegiance to the Delacour family, and follows the instruction of her mentor, Babette Delacour. I've not been in many relationships, though I did spend a weekend helping Charlie Weasley</b> nurse his broken heart after former friend Nymphadora Tonks destroyed it. But that was years ago, and nothing was more important to me than my career since.

June, 2001: I contemplate a bit about my past, and what brought me to the position I am in now. I am loathe to realize that Nymphadora Tonks may be returning to the Auror force after her divorce from millionaire, Randall T. Worthington, but I have no issues in making the transition a bit harder on her. As per Babette's orders, I also keep a close eye on Auror trainees, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

July, 2001: After a meeting that unfortunately reassigns Tonks to my day shift, I attend a funeral for one of our fallen Aurors, and there I am introduced to Tonks's soon to be ex-husband, Randall Worthington. The two could not be more mismatched if they tried and I'm not surprised they're divorcing. I also meet with Oather Summerby, a man who owes me many favors, and I continue my personal vendetta against certain members of "The Order". I enjoy tea with my best friend, Fleur Delacour, plan a holiday in the French Riviera with Babette, and assure Director Shacklebolt that Weasley and Potter are quite ready for active duty. All in all, it has been a busy month...one I was quite proud of.

August, 2001: Randall Worthington has the audacity to come to my office and speak no behalf of Auror Tonks. The pompous, arrogant abruti. While I make sure to have tea with my Aunt Volette (and listen to her try to persuade me into marriage), I also make good use of my time with Babette, who continues to impress me with her strength and power. She has moved to England with her younger daughter, Gabrielle, in an effort to claim power over England's clans, and the Black/Malfoy family. She encourages me to make Potter and Weasley disappear, for her own (and the Clans) benefit. It seems she is eager to make a deal with Bellatrix Lestrange, and my loyalty always has, and always will, lay with Babette. As part of her introduction to society, Babette holds a large gala, in which she is able to observe her enemies. Unfortunately, she realizes what Randall Worthington's wealth could do for the clans, and I am asked (ordered) to claim him until his power and his company belong to me. So I arrange lunch with the man (whom I loathe) and begin my seduction of him and at the same time, execute the kidnapping of Ron Weasly and Harry Potter. As it is, Nymphadora Tonks begins to stick her ever changing nose into the case. I successfully begin to juggle Tonks and the games I've begun to play with her almost ex-husband.

September, 2001: My relationship with Randall Worthington deepens and I am confident that he will soon be mine and forget about his ex-wife. I also realize that Nymphadora Tonks (and Charlie Weasley) are searching for Potter and Weasley on their own, against Ministry orders. Taking this information, I manage a Veela seduction against Charlie's commander, Thornton, and am able to garner proof to take to Kingsley and have Tonks suspended. During this time, it becomes apparent to me that Randall is struggling for control in our so-called relationship and I have no doubt it is because of his old hag of a mother planting seeds of doubt into his head. So I have to dig a bit deeper and reclaim his interest in me. It's amazing what a few tears will do to a man. Potter and Weasley are recovered, but I have one more card to play and I am able to get Tonks suspended for her unauthorized involvement. I begin to observe Babette's relationship with her youngest daughter and I realize Gabrielle is beginning to rebel against the future Babette has laid out for her. When Babette encourages a marriage to Randall, deep inside I can understand Gabrielle's frustrations. Randall...Whizzy...and I finally consummate our relationship and his divorce to Nymphadora is finalized. He's finally mine.

October, 2001: Randall and I continue our relationship, trying to find a balance of power between the both of us. He still irritates me, but I am finding his oddities a bit more endearing, and that annoys me. His friendships with Tonks and Charlie are unacceptable to me, and when I unravel his relationship with his mother, I focus on doing the same with his old friends. I'm quite successful in creating a tense atmosphere between the three of them - it helps that Tonks despises me as much as I her, and after a particularly nasty fight between Tonks and myself, Whizzy takes me to America where we elope...more out of spite to his friends, but marriage is marriage and I know Babette will be pleased. There is no pre-nup created, or signed.

November, 2001: I find myself actually beginning to care for Randall Worthington, and I am unable to deal with those unfamiliar emotions. My past friendship with Charlie Weasley seems to slowly form once more, and I find I can't hate him as I hate his girlfriend, considering our past together. I have no doubt this won't sit well with Tonks, or Randall since he and Charlie have had quite a falling out since Randall hit him last month. I'm not sure I like all these new complications in my l ife.

December, 2001: I finally realize that I love Whizzy, despite myself, and during a trip to my home in France, I gather the courage to tell him. To his, and my own surprise, I say yes when he tells me he wants a child. My friendship with Charlie deepens as well and I'm happy to have him back in my life. But when he, Tonks and Whizzy begin to find a common ground again, I worry that I'll be left out as I was in school. To remedy this, I tell Whizzy about my weekend with Charlie and know I have effectively burned that friendship once more.

January, 2002: Babette informs me it's time to begin divorce proceedings to gain control of Randall's business, and denies my request to remain married to him. I've come to a cross roads in my life, but as I decide to defy Babette and stay with Whizzy, I am struck with the harsh reality that he is still in love with Tonks. This pushes me to get the marriage dissolved completely and I serve him the papers during one of his meetings in Cleansweep. Despite my horrible treatment of him when I informed him our marriage was over, I want nothing more than to be done with the whole thing and move on. Unfortunately I find it's not that easy, and I give in when he comes to my office late at night. We make love, but when he becomes rough and cruel, I tell him to leave. Charlie becomes my confidant, and I'm thankful to still have him as a friend, despite how I treated Whizzy. Of course I knew it would happen eventually, and when Charlie shows up on my doorstep, I find out Whizzy and Tonks have reunited. Charlie and I spend the night together and reluctantly begin a comforting relationship.

Februrary, 2002: I don't know what's come over me, but I can't seem to get over the morbid fact that Whizzy and Tonks have reunited. My heart aches painfully and I find myself growing listless and sick...surely it couldn't be the Veela sickness...how could a man like Whizzy be my soulmate? But Charlie stands by me, helping me through the worst of it, despite his own heartache, and he encourages me to go to Whizzy. I stifle my pride and tell Whizzy I am still in love with him, but he rejects me harshly and I realize our relationship is truly over. Though Charlie and I are both still unsure of one another, we fall into each other's arms again...more content and eager to move on. With the way my luck has been going, it wasn't surprising when Tonks and I got stuck in a lift together. The enclosed space forced us to talk and when we exited, I feel we found a common ground, even if it was a bit shaky. And what's more...I give Charlie the stunning news that I'm pregnant.

March, 2002: My due date is in November, according to a bumbling intern Healer, but I am finding myself growing quite happy with the news I'm going to be a mother. True, I had planned to become the mother of Randall's child, but the Goddesses had other plans. Of course with the uncertainty, and new developments, I have to run into Olive Worthington, who despises me for marrying her son. We have quite a tiff, and I decide to give their ancestral home, Ollerton, back to her to keep her out of my life. She takes it as a pitiful gesture and while we argue again, she suffers a heart attack. I use my Auror skills to give her CPR until the Healers take her to St. Mungo's. I feel immense guilt, especially when Whizzy accuses me of trying to murder his mother.

I inform Babette and am wary of her reaction, but she seems pleased for me, perhaps accepting my decisions because she has already lost Fleur and Gabrielle. Charlie meets Luc and Volette and the fact that he didn't run screaming from me afterward proved that he could hold his own in my dysfunctional, twisted family. If only he knew half of it. Charlie and I also find a home suitable for raising a family, but Whizzy works his charm and manages to outbid me and take the house before I can sign the final papers. He cruelly tells me Tonks is pregnant with his child and though I have moved on, the news is still hard to take. Charlie recognizes my distress and by some miracle he finds a home for us that is more than I could have dreamed for.

April, 2002: Reflecting on my life, I realize I am completely off course from what I intended at this time last year. It's amazing how much can happen in so little time. Babette informs me that she can help ease me into an amazing promotion at work, but there is a catch: leave Charlie and hand over my child to the Creche to be raised in the way of the Veela. The "old" me would have bent to her wishes, but I find I can't. I love Charlie and I want to raise my child with him. She withdraws the promotion, but seems to accept my choices, even if she isn't pleased with them. Thanks to Healer Meagher, Charlie and I finally get to hear the heartbeat of our baby.

May, 2002:

Where Charlie and I live.