Aveline Rousseau (gns_aveline) wrote,
Aveline Rousseau

The Due Date

"Given the exam I would say you conceived on or around February the eleventh," the Healer tells me, reading his chart as I sit impatiently on the edge of the bed, my feet cold and my hands clasped tightly in my lap. Charlie leans against the wall by the door, his arms folded against his chest as he listens to the Healer.

I wrinkle my brow in confusion as I try to make sense of the date. "But I was already late by then..."

"Ms. Rousseau, these exams are never wrong," he explains with slight exasperation. I've been bombarding him with questions and contradictions since he put my legs in those cold stirrups. It didn't help that Charlie's preferred choice for my Healer, Paddy Meagher, was on holiday...but this Healer was still a Resident and new to the wing. "I do understand you were going through a divorce which is a very stressful event for anyone. It delayed your ovulation..."

"By that much?" I ask doubtfully and he scowls at me.

"Avie, I would trust the Healer. He knows what he's doing," Charlie interrupts softly and I close my mouth and shoot him a look before the Healer slips his wand back onto his clipboard.

"Ms. Rousseau, your approximate due date is November fourth. The mediwitch will set up your next appointment on your way out. Be sure to take your prenatal potion, all right?"

"Thanks," Charlie tells him, stepping forward toward me as the Healer nods and exits the room. I huff and slip from the bed as I pull the gown off and begin to pull on my clothes. "All right, Avie?"

I nod briskly. "Fine. I just know my body. It's like clockwork and my divorce throws it off? I've been stressed out by worse, Charlie."

He takes my by the forearms after I finish buttoning my blouse and I lift my gaze to his as his eyes soften. "It wasn't just your divorce, Aveline. Whizzy, and Tonks, and everything else you've been through. You can't control everything."

"I know," I sigh and realize he's right. I didn't tell him about the vision I had with the Elders...it happened long before the Healer told me conception happened. Perhaps they were just preparing me...I didn't know. "I'm sorry I'm being grouchy. Do you want to grab a bite to eat before we go back to work?"

"Anything you want," he replies, taking my hand as we leave the small room. I schedule my next ultrasound before we leave and as we walk out of St. Mungo's, I pull a small piece of parchment from my bag and hand it to him. "What's this?"

"Fleur sent it to me this morning. She knows I'm looking for a new place and she said she saw this house in the Daily Realtor and thought I might like it. I thought maybe you would like to come see it with me this week?"

"Of course I would," he grins. "You're really serious about moving out of the penthouse."

"You didn't think I was?" I ask. "It's time to put those memories behind me, don't you think?"

He squeezes my hand before lifting it to his lips where he kisses my knuckles softly. "I do, Aveline. I think it's time we both put past memories behind us and moved on."


His smile softens as he looks at me. "I wouldn't want it any other way, love."
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