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Replacing Memories

I didn't want to tell Charlie....but I hated being pregnant. The soreness, the exhaustion. I was used to being able to work long hours, to stay late at the Ministry if I needed too, but now I seemed to barely have enough energy to make it through lunch. I was glad Charlie's parents knew about the pregnancy, but other than that, I was hoping to keep my situation quiet until absolutely necessary. I was already worried about having to inform Babette, who has not had a good month since returning home.

But I couldn't complain about everything. I had finally found a place of my own that I was eager to look at and possibly buy. It was larger than necessary for two people, but it was beautiful, in a remote area and the gardens were spacious. I only had to get Charlie to find a time to go with me to see it, but he had been working longer hours lately and it was difficult.

At the penthouse now I was attempting to make dinner. Or something similiar to dinner. The vegetables I was steaming seemed a bit...limp...and I wished I had just used magic to create a gourmet meal instead of wanting to feel "domestic". I didn't know what was wrong with me lately.

Sighing, I placed the lid to the steamed vegetables back on the pan and wiped my hands before wandering into the sitting room. Stifling a yawn I settled onto the couch and laid down. I don't remember falling asleep, but the gentle shaking of my shoulder had my eyes fluttering open as Charlie's face came into view. Groggy, I pushed myself up. "What time is it?"

"A little after eight." He grinned sheepishly. "You made a hell of a mess out of the kitchen."

My eyes widened and I struggled to sit up. "Gods, the food..."

"Is pretty much...er, burnt," he interrupt quickly and tighten his grip on my shoulders. "I cleaned it up."

"Oh." Irritated, I sighed and relaxed against the couch again. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I ate before I came home."

Frowning, I see fatigue in Charlie's face and I lean forward again to kiss him. His mouth is soft and there is no hesitation before he pulls me to him and slips his tongue between my lips. Moaning softly, I shift until I straddle his lap and I feel his hands move underneath my skirt as my hands work at his belt and zipper. When I tear my lips from his, I inhale sharply for breath, my nails digging into his shoulder as he tugs my panties down my thighs. I lift up until he slips them off my legs and then I straddle him again and guide his erection into me. He groans, his head falling back against the couch and I begin to ride him, the pleasure shooting through my veins almost unbearably.

His strong hands push against the small of my back and I rock forward, grinding my hips down upon him as my breath hitches and shudders through my parted lips. Waves of heat overwhelm me and I feel my body begin to shatter with each thrust of his hips. Pressing my lips against his throat, I nip at the skin gently. I can feel Charlie shudder, his groan low and hoarse in his throat as he wraps his arms around me and begins to pound up into my body. I cry out, clenching my eyes shut as I welcome his desire. Several moments later, with my body damp with sweat, I feel him tense and hear his almost tortured grunt as he spills himself into me. I inhale deeply and relax against him, my cheek resting on his shoulder before I feel his hand smooth over my hair.

I turn my head and find his lips, kissing him deeply until he opens his eyes. "I'm sorry about your dinner."

"Well, it was suppose to be our dinner," I remind him. "But you already ate."

"I was working late again, I didn't want to come here and demand to know what's for dinner," he replies with a lopsided grin and I find I can't be annoyed at him. And that annoys me. "We can get take away if you want. Or go to the Cauldron for something."

"You already ate," I point out, but my stomach betrays me when it rumbles low, demanding nourishment. Charlie laughs and places his palm against my stomach.

"But the baby hasn't, apparently. Let's get cleaned up and go to the Leaky Cauldron."

I decide not to protest as the thought of some greasy fish and chips seemed oddly tantalizing. I slip off of his lap and we move to the loo to freshen up. As we're getting ready to leave, Charlie pops a small piece of gum into his mouth and takes my hand after I've slipped on my shoes.

"I have another house I want you to come look at with me," I explain as we shut the door and walk to the lift. "I think this is the one."

"You said that about the last three we've looked at," Charlie laughs, tightening his hand around mine.

I huff. "But I mean it this time. I was thinking we could go Sunday."

"The sooner the better, right?"

"Right." The sooner I was out of Whizzy's penthouse, the happier I would be....

Charlie turns to me, his blue eyes dancing as he lifts my hand to his lips. "Then Sunday it is."

Pleased, we leave the Cleansweep building and I find that anytime I am away from the places that remind me of Whizzy the most, I am happiest. Leaning against Charlie as we walk down the darkened street, I realize that things have to change now. A relationship I didn't expect, a baby I didn't plan, and a new home for a future I'm still mildly unsure of....things have changed drastically since divorcing Whizzy. For he and I both. He has Tonks now, whether I like it or not. And whether I like it or not, Whizzy still has the upper hand against me because of my ill advised admission of love in the Grotto. But there was nothing I could do about that now, and the only way to regain my footing and power over the situation is to let go of Whizzy and embrace what I have with Charlie.

Leaning my head against his arm as we walk, I breathe in his earthy scent and feel my lips twitch in a small, happy smile.
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